Developers will Finally Join the Helicopter for “Microsoft Flight Simulator”

The game “Microsoft Flight Simulation” has recently ushered in new ideas, and has launched many excellent optimizations and ideas. And there are a large number of planes and airport landmarks and so on. Recently, the gameplay of helicopters is going to be introduced. And for this game, “Microsoft Flight Simulator” will definitely be played by many players. Unless you can really get on the plane.

Now, players can basically want to fly in the sky with any kind of aircraft they expect, and Asobo Studio has broadened its horizons to the helicopter field, but it may be some time before it actually arrives.

Recently, the “Microsoft Flight Simulation” development team released an updated roadmap, listing the most popular features, bug fixes, and convenience optimizations from players. Among them, the most popular feature among players is the helicopter, and the development team plans to add this content in 2022.

In addition, there are players who want to see gliders in the game. The glider may not reach the cruising altitude, but this is also a very interesting idea.

In addition, there are many feature applications from VR users, but most of them have not been developed. I don’t know if Asobo Studio will turn its attention to the VR field after the Xbox Series X|S version goes live.