RB Leipzig Calls for a Record Fee for Julian Nagelsmann

RB Leipzig calls for a record fee for Julian Nagelsmann. It was time for someone to show Bayern the limits, says SPORT1 editor-in-chief Pit Gottschalk.

It has been clear since Sunday evening: Bayern Munich made an official request to RB Leipzig and would like to buy coach Julian Nagelsmann from the employment contract early. The poker game between the two Bundesliga clubs will not be easy. There is a transfer fee in the room that Germany has never experienced with any coach.

Whether RB Leipzig demands 15 to 20 million euros for Julian Nagelsmann in the end or 30 million euros, as it is called elsewhere, is completely irrelevant. The message that RB Leipzig is sending to Bayern Munich is unmistakable: If you want our coach to solve your own problems in the coaching bench, we will throw you into a brutal conflict of conscience.

Leipzig near Nagelsmann in a comfortable location
The question is: is the record champion ready for a record transfer for a 33-year-old coach? No prophet in the world can guarantee Bayern Munich that – unlike players – this money will ever be redeemed from a third club. And none of the past five coaches stayed with Bayern for more than two years. So what to do (Bavaria’s eternal coaching problem)

At RB Leipzig you will feel in a comfortable location. On the one hand, they know from Julian Nagelsmann that he is quite inclined to the Bayern offer. On the other hand, if the negotiations with Bayern Munich fail, they also know: Nagelsmann can very well imagine a third and fourth year in Leipzig. He is young. He doesn’t have to change yet.