Residents of Russia Began to Buy Less Tablets

The inhabitants of the Russian Federation, for the most part, have lost all interest in such a category of electronic devices as tablets. According to the Izvestia newspaper, this is indicated by statistics accumulated by the companies M. Video – Eldorado and Svyaznoy.


Sales of tablet computers with screens up to eight inches fell by twenty-six percent in the first half of this year (relative to the first half of last year). Sales of such tablets in pieces amounted to less than one million devices, which is quite small nationwide.


Along with the decline in demand for tablets, the popularity of smartphones with large screens is growing. For the first half of 2019, more than seven and a half million widescreen phablet smartphones were sold in the Russian Federation. Such devices, respectively, occupied fifty-eight percent of the market (a year ago their share was only sixteen percent).


The trend is due to the disappearance of smartphones with small screens, as a result of which devices with 6-inch and larger screens have become the new standard. Smartphones with large screens, at the same time, are increasingly becoming the main devices for consuming information.


More recently, tablets were replaced by regular PCs and laptops, but now this process seems to be over. Practice has shown that a tablet cannot be a full-fledged working device, so now they are bought mainly for some specific use.