Responding to Requests for Rescue with Twitter “Kansai”

At least six people were reported killed in Japan as typhoon Jebi sliced across the west on Tuesday, creating havoc at airports and damaging buildings.

On September 4,at a Kansai airport flooded due to the influence of Typhoon No. 21, Twitter posted a series of tweets from customers who were left behind in the terminal building, asking for relief or complaining about not being able to go out. There were also pictures in the airport where the power failed and messages that showed a predicament such as “cooler not working and sultry”.

“Vending machines do not move without air conditioning due to power outage, convenience stores are also long lines” was posted around 5:30 PM. An appeal of “disappointing voice,” such as “Kansai, this kind of situation, when can you return home?” And a picture of “Do not call the Self Defense Force!” Was posted one after the other with pictures of fast food restaurants etc. where the light disappeared .

There are also contributors who explain the situation at any time that “the provision of emergency food has started” and “the security area is open”. From the outside of the airport there was an encouraging reply saying “Osaka city is also confused, take care of the battery.”