Robot Factory in Torsas is Being Built

The robot manufacturer’s plant in Swedish Torsas has got new machines and is being built with 2000 square meters. In addition, Yaskawa gets a new business area in Jönköping.

The Japanese group Yaskawa Electric expands in Europe. Among other things, they build a new robot factory in Slovenia, expand their operations in France, and in, Torsas, they build the existing production unit with 2,000 square meters. The new hall will be ready for next summer.

“We will redeploy the premises for a better internal logistics, and move our cutting-edge processing from another hall to the new one. In addition, we have invested in two new CNC machines that will also be moved to the new hall, “said Andreas Moberg, chief financial officer at Yaskawa Nordic.

If this continues, we will probably need to recruit in the future, but finding hard-working machine operators is extremely difficult. There are many who compete for them, “says Andreas Moberg.

The expansion costs around 40 million, and the two new machines together represent an investment of around 15 million. The background is an increased demand for robotized automation solutions.

“We are, like other Swedish industry, in a boom. We see increased order intake from our customers in the Nordic region and our sister companies in Europe, and then they have a high demand from their customers … there is high pressure in the order books, simply, says Andreas Moberg.

In parallel with this, the company invests in DMC (Drives, Motion & Control), ie servomotors, frequency converters, and more. The DMC business, which is a brand new segment for Yaskawa in the Nordic region, is based in a newly opened office in Jönköping.

“Our parent company Yaskawa Electric really stands on three legs: robotics, DMC and clean power, where DMC is actually the biggest leg. They have been good at it for a very long time, and now we get Yaskawa Nordic access to the parent company’s entire range. It’s very exciting. DMC is a huge market, which is often underestimated as technology is not so visible, says Andreas Moberg.

Yaskawa Electric Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of servo motors, motion controllers, AC motors and industrial robots. Their heavy motorcycle robots are used, for example, in welding, packaging, assembly, coating, cutting and material handling.

The company was founded in 1915 and its headquarters are located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture.

The Swedish factory is located in Smaland, Torsas.