Samsung Electronics and Xilinx Cooperate to Build 5G Commercial Products Worldwide

Samsung Electronics has adopted Xilinx’s Versal Adaptive Computing Acceleration Platform (ACAP) to build 5G commercial products worldwide.

Xilinx Universal ACAP said on the 16th, “We will provide Samsung with a single, flexible and scalable platform that can handle the needs of various carriers in various regions.”

Versatile ACAP, a highly integrated, multi-core, heterogeneous computing platform, performs the core functions of 5G such as sophisticated beamforming technology used to increase network capacity and complex real-time signal processing. As 5G infrastructure requirements and industry standard specifications continue to evolve, adaptive computing technology is needed.

“We are delighted to play a key role in Samsung’s 5G commercial deployment,” said Liam Madden Xilinx, Senior Vice President. Explained.

Versatile ACAP provides excellent computing density that can handle the real-time signal processing performance of low latency required for the beamforming algorithm with low power consumption.

The AI ​​engine of the universal AI Core series, which consists of a tiled vector processor, provides high computing density and modern connectivity, and can be reprogrammed and reconfigured even after construction, making it ideal for implementing the necessary computational functions.

“Samsung is working closely with Xilinx to strengthen its 5G technology leadership and lead the new 5G era,” said Jae-Ho Jeon, vice president of Samsung Electronics Network Division’s development team. “We look forward to further development and accelerated leadership in the global market.”

(Source = Xilinx)

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Samsung Electronics has adopted Xilinx's Versal Adaptive Computing Acceleration Platform (ACAP) to build 5G commercial products worldwide.

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