Samsung is Preparing Smart Clothes Powered by Solar Energy

The Patently Mobile site, which specializes in patent information filed by Google, Microsoft and Apple, has unearthed a new Samsung patent that outlines the Korean manufacturer’s ambitions in the field of smart clothing.

This new field is described as clothing combined with sensors, wires, batteries, antennas, display or any input  output device. This patent focuses particularly on the supply of electronic elements of smart clothing.

These devices would use energy collectors based on light or body or solar heat. Regarding the intended uses, Samsung does not give a specific case, but illustrates with particular sketches a pull with three processors, seven sensors, several energy collectors and a battery in the back. Another sketch shows a complete interconnected outfit (hat, vest, gloves, pants and boots) that can be connected to an external device or used to analyze upper and lower body movements separately.

This clothing could monitor blood pressure, body temperature or heart rate, but could also control other nearby devices, such as a music player, or simply serve as a power supply for your smartphone or other gadgets.