SHOWROOM Providing Monetization Means to Cistributors in Distress with the Corona

SHOWROOM added paid live distribution function “Premium Live” to live distribution service “SHOWROOM” on May 22. It is provided as a means of monetization for distributors who continue to refrain from activities at real events due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Only official distributors affiliated with SHOWROOM can use the paid live distribution function. You can select the amount of money at the start of distribution. You can receive gifting and comments called “throwing money” even in paid live distribution. It is supposed to be used in situations such as music live that was canceled due to the new Corona, online drinking parties for a limited number of people, and paid seminars.

To support the distributors, will be  not charged commissions for paid live distribution until June 30th, and will return all of the live income to the distributors.