A new Israeli Study: Corona Vaccine is Less Effective Against the South African Mutation

A new Israeli study by the Clalit Research Institute and Tel Aviv University published today (Saturday) states that the strain originating in South Africa manages to break through to some extent the protection of Pfizer‘s two doses of vaccine. Thus the expected protection of the vaccine against this strain is less than the good protection of the vaccine against the original strain of the corona and against the British strain, which is now common in infections in Israel.

Corona vaccination campaign in Israel However, the researchers are reluctant and say that at this stage it is not possible to accurately estimate the rate of decline in vaccine effectiveness. Their assessment is that the effectiveness of the vaccine is not drastically declining, as there is no widespread spread of the South African strain and it is very rare in the country.

The study was led by Prof. Shai Ben Shachar, Director of the Department of Personalized Medicine in Clalit’s Innovation Division, Dr. Doron Netzer, Head of the Department of Medicine at Clalit’s Community Division, and Prof. Adi Stern of the Shmonis School of Biomedical Research and Cancer at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Life Sciences.

The researchers located Clalit patients who were found to be positive for corona starting 14 days after receiving the first vaccine. It should be noted that the high efficacy of the corona vaccine resulted in a very low number of vaccines being infected in the corona and once detected, each vaccine found positive for the corona was “attached” to a non-vaccinated vaccine similar in age, sex, sector, area of ​​residence and other characteristics. The study was based on about 800 subjects (about 400 pairs) of vaccinated and unvaccinated who were found to be positive for corona, and all the isolated viruses were sent for genetic sequencing.