Skoda Convertible Model Made by Students

The makers of the convertible concept car are 20 apprentices from Skoda Vocational School. They have been working on convertible projects for several months and have been supported by technical development, design and production engineers from Skoda headquarters. The official release is scheduled for June 2020, and it will make the emotion stand out through the clear lines of the car. So it’s not an ordinary convertible, it’s made in a version of the spider that only takes two people.

Prior to making the convertible, students worked on design sketches with the help of a senior designer. “The use of computers and simulations has increased, but the drawing is still an essential part of automotive design work,” said the chief designer. It’s the most basic first step in transforming your ideas into real life and creating a new car.

The sketch of students is not a straight line that stretches out as the designer did. Somewhere it looks crooked and the unfinished form is revealed. Nevertheless, he showed passion and determination and left an impressive sketch. It is important that students build their own cars with ideas and visions. Expected results are expected in June 2020.

As every year, Skoda will continue the tradition of the trainee concept car in 2020. 20 apprentices work on the Skoda Scala Spider. These are the first photos!

The Skoda Scala Spider is the seventh Skoda trainee concept car. The apprentices at the Skoda Akademie have been developing and manufacturing their own car every year since 2014. After the Skoda Sunroq, a Karoq convertible, and the Skoda Mountiaq, a pick-up based on Kodiaq, the Skoda Scala should become a convertible in 2020. The trainees have already completed the first sketches of the Spider version. While the interventions in the body are considerable, the first sketch of the interior shows only minor changes to the original cockpit of the series scale. Incidentally, the 20 students gathered the ideas at a workshop with Skoda chief designer Oliver Stefani.