Skoda is Preparing to Reduce its Workforce in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, a cut in administrative jobs is on the way….

Skoda is preparing to reduce its workforce in the Czech Republic. In fact, during 2021, the House of Mlada Boleslav plans to cut 2% of jobs in the administrative sector.

Program to be defined. Skoda did not provide details on the workforce downsizing program, much less on the division between white and blue collar workers. Currently, the Czech manufacturer of the Volkswagen group employs about 42,000 people worldwide, of which 34,000 in the Czech Republic alone. The only certainty concerns the operating methods through which the workforce will be reduced: the company will not cover the positions. left vacant by outgoing staff for retirement or other reasons and therefore will not proceed with actual layoffs. “This year, we will be able to reduce our administrative staff by 2% thanks to the management of the demographic curve and natural turnover. We aim to achieve this goal without firing people for organizational reasons”, explained from the Skoda headquarters. Furthermore, no further information was provided regarding what was revealed by the trade unions on a reorganization process extended over time. In fact, according to workers’ representatives, the carmaker plans to reduce the staff not directly involved in production activities by 5% every year, until 2023.

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