Some Restaurants will Prefer not to Reopen for Lack of Profitability

In France restaurants , it is soon the end of a long period of inactivity. While Emmanuel Macron last week confirmed the goal of a gradual reopening, professionals can finally organize themselves.

From May 19, restaurant and cafe terraces will once again be able to accommodate customers, with tables limited to six people and a reduced overall seating capacity. Constraints that are leading some to want to postpone their reopening to June, when indoor reception will be – theoretically – authorized, but still under constraints. For 20 Minutes, Jean Terlon, vice-president of the Union des Metiers et des Industries Hotell for the catering sector, details the challenges of this gradual reopening.

There were two positive reactions. The first is to have a reopening program. The second is that the three weeks of consideration have been respected. From there, there are so many parameters concerning the reopening of a restaurant, in particular the financial parameters concerning the aid… In June, July and August, the situation will be adapted to each restaurant, then there will be a balance sheet in August. Because the main idea is not to stop aid abruptly. Each restaurant has different settings, and each will adjust to its location.