Stalker 2 Unveils A More Powerful Blowout Video

In July of last year, a new trailer video of the latest film’Stalker 2’of the stalker series, which announced the return after 11 years, was released.

On the 15th, Ukrainian developer GSC Game World released a new video of Stalker 2 on Xbox’s official YouTube. This video, which is more than a minute long, is a video produced using an in-game engine, where you can directly check the various elements that appear in the game. Above all, the various abnormal phenomena newly expressed through the renewed graphics are impressive.

The first thing you can see in the video is the blowout, an abnormal phenomenon that represents the stalker series. Blowout is a kind of storm that occurs in’John’, the main stage of the stalker, and if it gets swept away, it dies or becomes a zombie. In this video, as soon as it starts, you can see that blowouts are strong enough to cause a large pine tree to fall, and perhaps because of the aftermath, chairs and furniture in the building move themselves and attack the protagonist. In addition, you can see the new touch pad that the main character will use.

Stalker 2 deals with the story after the second imaginary explosion in 2006, unlike the previous work, which wrote a unique story based on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant incident in 1986. Originally, it was produced with the aim of launching in the fourth quarter of 2012, but development has been stopped once due to internal dissension by the developer. Fortunately, with the resumption of development in 2018, the game was officially announced, and the news that it will be released as Xbox Series X through the Xbox Game Showcase in July 2020 thrilled many fans.

Stalker 2 is being developed with the aim of launching in 2021, and detailed news will be released later.

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