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Technology stocks pulled in late trading, and the four major U.S. stock indexes all closed in red at the end, ending the four consecutive trading days of decline. Taiwan stocks opened up 10.79 points today to report at 1,2656.3 points, and once stood above 12,700 points. However, the pressure of selling orders immediately appeared, and the index opened high and fluctuated down. TSMC showed its sixth consecutive black K bar. With the increase in financial stocks, the index turned dark and fell below 12,600, and faced the quarterly line of 12,570. Back-testing the pressure, fortunately, the decline has not been further expanded, and the index has been violent. Today, the US dollar index continues to strengthen.

Electronics stocks are currently experiencing the theme of the fire, and the Huawei incident is negative. The IC design stocks that were the first to bear the brunt of the index stocks are now resisting the decline of the index stock MediaTek. The ethnicity is on fire. Andes (6533) soared by 6.5%. , Liwang (3529) and Xiangshuo (5269) soared more than 4%, and Pre-KY (4966) also rose 1.8%.

Analysts said that considering the fierce election of the US presidential election at this stage, anxiety is rising, and the FOMC meeting in September did not propose more economic stimulus policies, and the two parties in the US Congress still disagree on the new bailout bill, causing US stocks Recently, the trend has fluctuated sharply. The stock price of technology stocks has even been corrected with Apple as the first. It may suppress the trend of Taiwan stocks. Coupled with the rising tension between the United States and China, and the second wave of epidemic in Europe, the financial market will have little room for performance. Breaking the short-term and medium-term moving average support, and the volume can shrink, the popularity retreats to wait and see, and the negative index is up. It is recommended to operate conservatively, and you can move into the low base period, low PE ratio group and defensive stocks.

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