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Tesla’s’Battery Day‘, which has been waiting with interest from the battery industry and the general public, has ended. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he would unveil fully self-driving cars a month later, including promoting battery cost reduction, but it did not meet public expectations that new concept batteries will be released. Rather, it is analyzed that Tesla’s battery day announcement is a “good thing” for LG Chem, a battery supplier.

CEO Musk named Tesla’s new cylindrical battery ‘4680‘. “Tesla‘s new cylindrical battery, called 4680, will increase energy 5 times, power 6 times and mileage 16% compared to existing electric vehicles,” Musk said. The meaning of 4680 means that the cylindrical battery has a diameter of 4.6 cm and a length of 8 cm. Tesla used a battery of 1865 (now 1.8 cm, length 6.5 cm) and changed it to 2170 (diameter 2.1 cm, length 7 cm). As the volume of the cylindrical battery increases, the energy density increases and the moving distance increases. Tesla announced a goal of expanding the volume from 2170 to 4680. In this case, the travel distance of an electric vehicle that can run 500km on a single charge based on the current battery is increased to about 580km.

LG Chem is laughing at Tesla‘s announcement. Currently, the 2170 installed in Tesla is supplied by Panasonic of Japan and LG Chem of Korea. It is said that Tesla will secure its own production capacity, but the battery industry says that it is not easy for Tesla to produce 100GWh within two years. It is predicted that a significant portion of 100GWh will be received from existing suppliers, LG Chem and Panasonic.

In fact, Musk CEO wrote on Twitter on the morning  the day before Battery Day:

An industry insider said, “Cylindrical batteries have a long history, but to change specifications, technology is required.” “It will only be possible for companies to do so.” As LG Chem and Panasonic are currently supplying batteries to Tesla, it is highly likely that these companies will also supply cylindrical batteries with changed specifications that Tesla wants. Even if Tesla starts producing battery cells on its own, it is analyzed that the impact on domestic companies will be minimal as the demand for electric vehicles is so great.

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