Storbanken SEB Involved in Russian Money Laundering

Assignment review may reveal that the major Swedish bank SEB may be involved in large-scale money laundering. These are suspicious transactions of SEK 8.2 billion that were leaked through the bank’s Estonian branch, according to the leak from the American financial police. Here is the revelation in brief.
Assignment review may reveal that major US banks have alerted about SEK 8.2 billion that was channeled through SEB between the years 2007 and 2016. In total, there are 57 SEB customers, the majority of them in the Baltics, where many show classic characteristics of suspected money laundering. They are registered at addresses where they have no business, the owners can be linked to tax havens and suspicious transactions flow through their accounts.

How is it related to the leak from the USA?

The new leak with very sensitive documents about suspected money laundering coming from the US Financial Police Fincen. On Sunday, SVT Nyheter was able to report that flows of SEK 17,000 billion in suspicious transactions are in the leak, which in total consists of more than 2,000 documents. These are so-called suspicion reports about money laundering, documents that American banks have sent to Fincen. There is no conclusive evidence that a crime has been committed, but the documents are a kind of map of suspected economic crime linked to Russia.

What does the bank say?

Since the first revelation about money laundering in the autumn of 2019, tried to get an interview with SEB’s CEO Johan Torgeby – who assured his customers that the bank was not involved in the Baltic money laundering scandal that was revealed around Danske Bank, and which also Swedbank later The bank also does not want to be interviewed now, but writes in an email that SEB, for legal reasons, can not comment on the content of the suspicion reports. The bank writes that they themselves have submitted more than 7,000 suspicion reports in the Baltics in the last 10 years.

“We distance ourselves from all types of crime and work actively to ensure that we are not exploited and to take our social responsibility to combat financial crime,” writes SEB.

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