Striker Fred was Sentenced to Pay the Contractual Fine to AtlEtico-MG

Striker was the pivot of the most controversial exchange of sides in Minas Gerais football, when he terminated with Atlético and signed with Cruzeiro in December 2017, generating a charge of R $ 10 million

Striker Fred was sentenced to pay the contractual fine to Atletico-MG, for switching sides in Belo Horizonte and making a contract with rival Cruzeiro at the turn of 2017 to 2018. The player’s appeal at CBMA was not accepted. The conviction amount exceeds R $ 18 million, according to the calculations of the former vice president of the alvinegro club. The payment to the Rooster has a real possibility of coming from the Raposa coffers.

The “Fred case” was quite complex in more than three years of existence. It involved several bodies in arbitration, labor and common justice. Cruzeiro even joined Fred as “assistant” in the action promoted by the Rooster on CNRD. Then he became a defendant for Fred in a labor lawsuit of almost R $ 80 million.

The dispute between the player and the celestial club no longer exists, after a labor agreement at the end of 2019, when Cruzeiro agreed to pay R $ 25 million to the ex-player, in installments, and only from 2021. But there was a caveat in the agreement: the fine of R $ 10 million.

When Fred accepted Cruzeiro’s proposal, he sewed contracts with Fox in which, in case of conviction and obligation to settle the debt with Atlético, the celestial club itself would be responsible for the payment. In a pledge agreement between Fred and Cruzeiro, of December 2017, the directors gave credits of R $ 10 million to the player through pledge of amounts receivable from the sale of TV broadcasting rights for the team’s games.

In the labor action Fred x Cruzeiro itself, the club’s defense even asked for the inclusion of former managers Wagner Pires de Sá and Itair Machado in the labor action, as responsible for the eventual payment of R $ 10 million to Atletico.

There was an allegation on the part of the current celestial legal department that the ex-president and ex-vice (reported to the Court for irregularities in the management) had defrauded the pledge contract by anticipating TV quota credits to be paid between 2019 and 2022. The Labor Court did not accept the request for the insertion of former leaders in the labor action.

One possible way to go is Fred not paying Atlético on a voluntary basis, trying to reverse the situation in the Labor Court, in an unlikely scenario, running the risk of CNRD sports sanctions, being sued by Atlético in the Common Court (compliance with sentence) . And, he, in turn, do the same with Cruzeiro in the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais. Then, in a domino effect, the celestial club itself sued Wagner Pires de Itair Machado in court.

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