Subaru Forester Officially goes on Sale in Japan

The Forester, which is the best seller under Subaru Motors and is also a global strategic tourist, took the lead in launching a small facelift in Japan in June this year. The front styling design not only has significant changes, but the sales composition has also expanded the 2.0L e-BOXER hybrid power model, and the 1.8T BOXER turbo power option has been added. Immediately on August 19, the facelifted Subaru Forester officially began to be sold locally in Japan. The base model is priced at 2,937,000 yen.

The small facelifted Japanese Subaru Forester provides two types of power: 2.0L e-BOXER and 1.8T BOXER; 2.0L e-BOXER is available in Touring, X-BREAK and Advance models, priced at 2,937,000 yen (approximately NT$750,000) , 3,080,000 yen (approximately NT$790,000), 3,179,000 yen (approximately NT$830,000). The 1.8T BOXER turbo only SPORT single model is priced at 3,330,000 yen (approximately NT$850,000).

Continuing the BOLDER concept of the Subaru DYNAMIC x SOLID design concept, the slightly modified Forester front incorporates new headlights, water tank guards, bumpers and front fog lights, and is equipped with a new 18-inch wheel frame to enhance the shape of the SUV. Three more are provided. New car colors are available. At the same time, in terms of control, all models of the subaru Forester facelift are improved for the suspension system, giving passengers in the car a more comfortable riding experience.

The Subaru Forester e-BOXER power model has also added an e-active shift control active shift control system, which can provide more appropriate power transmission characteristics when the vehicle is cornering. Not only that, the small facelift Subaru Forester fully applies the new-generation EyeSight intelligent driving safety assistance system, through a more powerful stereo camera lens and software upgrades to improve the detection range, response sensitivity and warning effect of the system.