80% of Office Workers are Allergic to Mold

In summer, allergies can break down, and all day long itching, nasal congestion, and mad and runny nose, work and interpersonal performance deteriorate, and even “panda eyes“. According to investigations, molds are the main cause of allergies among office workers in summer. In particular, nearly 80% of adult allergens are allergic to at least one type of mold. The doctor reminds office workers to be especially careful. There may be nearly 1,000 in each seat area of ​​the office. The mold is flying.

34 degrees high temperature and 80% humidity not only allowed the “mold” and “dust mites” allergens to grow rapidly, “stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time” and “frequently enter and exit indoors and out.” “The temperature difference caused” has caused allergic reactions of office workers to be activated multiple times.

As long as the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor exceeds 7 degrees, it is easy to cause allergic rhinitis. However, office workers generally stay in an air-conditioned room at 26 degrees Celsius for more than 10 hours a day. When going out for business, eating out at noon, or going to the toilet frequently in and out of the air-conditioned room, every hot and cold stimulation will trigger an allergic reaction. Some studies have found that office workers There are at least 8 chances of triggering allergies every day.

It is  proposed “internal adjustment of physique” and “external cleansing and keeping warm” as the two major anti-allergic methods in summer. Allergies are mainly caused by the excessive Th2 reaction of immune cells in the body. Eating habits in summer can also cause bad bacteria. It is recommended to drink in summer. Instead of drinking a hand shake, it is better to buy a bottle of yogurt. You can adjust your physique from the intestine, which is the largest immune organ. You can also eat more fruits, vegetables and other foods containing probiotics.

If office workers must stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, or cannot avoid entering and leaving hot and cold places in summer, it is recommended to pay more attention to keeping warm. Bring a thin jacket to prevent the temperature in the air-conditioned room from being too low, and use masks to protect against cold air or allergen stimulation when entering and leaving the room Irritation caused by allergies.

Compared with children, adults are less active in taking anti-allergic countermeasures, but summer is a time when adults are prone to allergies, and they should not be taken lightly. Anti-allergy has no rest days. It is recommended to wash and clean the car every week, which can not only increase immunity through exercise, but also clean the environment and avoid allergens.