Suspended on Snapchat Dealers Attack their Community Manager

The man had the bad idea to post pictures of the drugs he was going to deliver to lure customers.

Snapchat is well known in the world of dealers, and for good reason, it is almost impossible to trace back to account administrators, due to the ephemeral nature of the messages sent. And yet, as revealed by La Depeche, a small network was trapped in August in Toulouse. At the origin of the case, a trafficker in fact landed a job in early August to deliver drugs. As he needs money, he will even manage to manage the social networks of his bosses, in particular their Snapchat account, detail our colleagues.

If all goes well the first days, the situation will deteriorate after the third day. Meanwhile, his suspicious employer suspects him of stealing from the cash register. To prove his good faith, the trafficker-delivery man takes a picture of the cannabis resin wafers and sends them to his boss. But he goes further by also posting them on Snapchat to, he thinks, attract new customers.

All traffickers arrested
Problem, because if Snapchat cannot easily track traffic via the messages sent, its moderators can intervene as soon as questionable photos are spotted. And this will be the case since the point of deal account will quickly be suspended. Visibly angry, notes La Depêeche, the two bosses – two men aged 21 and 22 – will then claim 1,400 euros from their delivery man. And do not hesitate to threaten him and kidnap him so that he can withdraw money at an ATM in order to be reimbursed.

Except that the thirty-something does not have the requested money and tries to escape them. In his flight, he is then run over by a car. Finally, all will be questioned. The two bosses of the point of deal were indicted for “extortion, theft and drug trafficking” before being remanded in custody. The delivery man will also be prosecuted for “drug trafficking”, but will remain free.

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