Swedish Authorities Want to Ban Electric Scooters

According to the Swedish Transport Agency‘s own statistics, two out of three accidents occur where electric scooters are involved due to the driver’s own mistakes. For bicycle accidents, the corresponding figure is 40 percent.

Today, the Swedish Transport Agency submits its proposal on how to develop safety around electric scooters, and wants to achieve this by introducing some new rules and simplifying existing ones.

However, the Swedish Transport Agency does not consider that a new vehicle category is needed, but states that the majority of electric single-passenger vehicles within the meaning of the law are a bicycle.

The authority instead proposes a change in the definition of a bicycle so that the limit of 250 watts of motor power is removed.

By removing the roof on engine power, according to the Swedish Transport Agency, more robust and safe electric scooters are made possible, which can be equipped with, for example, better brakes and pneumatic tires. However, the maximum speed will still be 20 km / h.

“It will be easier for ordinary people, we have seen that there is quite a lot of confusion about the regulations,” says Pernilla Bremer, investigator at the Swedish Transport Agency to TT.

The Swedish Transport Agency also wants to ban electric scooters completely from sidewalks and sidewalks. The Swedish electric scooter operator Voi welcomes the Swedish Transport Agency’s report and wants to see more space dedicated to carriageways for bicycles and electric scooters.

Electric bicycles with pedals are not affected by these changes, but may affect the electric unicycles and two-wheelers that are not mopeds – but can also not be defined as conventional bicycles. In that group there are so-called fatbikes.

If the Swedish Transport Agency‘s proposal becomes law, a limit will be set for how large and heavy an electric scooter or electric bicycle without pedals may be. what that maximum weight would be, the authority has not yet arrived at.

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