Chloroquine Couses Arrhythmia in Patients with New Coronavirus

During the outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia, chloroquinine  and hydroxychloroquinine were regarded as one of the anti-epidemic antidote. However, after using the drug, patients with new coronary pneumonia caused severe arrhythmia. For this, Jian Ya said that its new drug GV17 for treating lupus erythematosus and chronic rheumatoid arthritis has high cardiac safety and can be regarded as an advanced version of hydroxychloroquinine.

The new coronary pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world, and all circles are looking for antidote. Among them, the malaria medication “hydroxychloroquinine” was once listed as a recommended treatment for new coronary pneumonia by various countries. US President Trump has recently exploded and has been taking the drug for a while; Based on considerations, the World Health Organization has terminated the multinational clinical trial of hydroxychloroquinine.

Jianya said that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquinine will disrupt the heart’s receiving and discharging activities, resulting in arrhythmia; but the company and the reinvestment company Huayu Pharmaceutical, the new drug GV17 jointly developed, the test results show that GV17 The safety is 11 times higher than chloroquinine and 2.5 times higher than hydroxychloroquinine.

Jianya estimates from the test results that GV17 has a low probability of causing arrhythmia, and can be regarded as the advanced version of hydroxychloroquinine 2.0. At present, the new drug has completed related patent applications and submitted a consultation meeting before the clinical trial to the FDA. Apply, and wait for future development strategies such as clinical trials.