Taiwan Stocks Fall

Taiwan stocks rose 60.06 points at the opening on the 18th, reaching 15,676.45 points. However, the weight stocks Hon Hai (2317) and Largan (3008) fell by about 2%, while Quanwang TSMC (2330) The Taiwan stock index turned from red to black. Taiwan stocks plunged 295.42 points in early trading, but with the active intervention of buying, the weighted index pulled back and the decline continued to converge.

After shipping stocks skyrocketed in December last year, their stock prices have recently rumbled, but legal persons pointed out that the fundamentals of the container shipping industry are still booming. Observing the market on the 18th, among the three containers, Evergreen once turned from black to red in the intraday market, surging up to 34.45 yuan, with the high and low points shaking more than 9%, leaving a shadow; Yangming will be released on the 19th, and the stock price is continuous. Buying orders knocked in and once returned to the 23 yuan mark; Wan Hai took the lead from black to red, and the stock price rebounded after falling below the 5-day and monthly lines, with an intraday increase of about 1%.

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