Taiwanese President asks China for Transparency on Coronavirus Evolution

Chinese officials are trying to contain the outbreak in Wuhan, the city where the new coronavirus was detected, which has already caused nine deaths.

Chinese authorities have made a call in recent hours that no one should go to Wuhan and that anyone in the city should not leave. Li Bin, vice chairman of the country’s national health commission, underlined the advice that had already been given by Zhong Nanshan, one of the experts who leads investigations into the new virus, and called for a sense of responsibility. “If there is no urgent need, outsiders should not visit Wuhan. Wuhan residents must not leave the city unless special circumstances exist. In this way we will be able to reduce the flow of people and reduce the possibility of contagion and in this way prevention and control can be successful ”, he said.

The island of Taiwan has already confirmed a case of infection with the virus originating in Wuhan, a city in central China.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday asked Chinese authorities to disclose all information about the outbreak of a new viral pneumonia and to work with Taipei to contain the spread.

“I especially want to ask China, as a member of the international community, to fulfill its responsibilities and be transparent about developments in the outbreak, and to share accurate information with Taiwan,” Tsai said at a press conference.

A large number of Taiwanese travel and live in China, where the number of fatalities from a new type of pneumonia originating in the center of the country rose to nine on Wednesday, with the death of three more patients, while the total number of infected people. surpassed 400.

However, at Beijing’s insistence, Taiwan is not a member of the World Health Organization and cannot attend any of that organization’s meetings.

The Taiwan Disease Control Center previously revealed that it was notified on January 15 by its Chinese counterpart about the outbreak. The agency also sent two experts to Wuhan to visit health facilities to better understand the disease.

The island, which functions as a sovereign state, despite Beijing considering a Chinese province and advocating reunification, has already confirmed a case of infection with the virus. She is a businesswoman, who resides in Taiwan, but recently returned from a trip to Wuhan, the city in central China where the disease originated.

“Sharing information is also important for the health of the Chinese population and Beijing should not place political issues above the protection of its own people,” said Tsai. “I want to reiterate that Taiwan is a member of international society. Its 23 million inhabitants, like people from all over the world, are facing a threat to their health,” he said.

The World Health Organization fears a potential global epidemic

This Wednesday the World Health Organization’s decision on a public emergency declaration of international importance is expected. According to the latest report by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 498 cases of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus identified in Wuhan, a city with 11 million inhabitants, are now laboratory confirmed. The death toll rose to nine. Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Tawain and the United States have all reported imported cases, all of whom were sick in the Chinese city. The outbreak is thought to have started with contagion from animals, presumably in a local market, with some cases of human-to-human transmission. The origin and mode of transmission have not yet been determined.

According to the latest balance of the Chinese authorities, in 440 confirmed cases in the country, only 25 patients are already cured. There are still 170 suspected cases.