Tanit Koch will become the new managing director of n-tv, the news channel of German commercial broadcaster Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, on March 1, 2019.

The 41-year-old journalist will succeed Hans Demmel (63), who is leaving the company after 26 years.

Besides heading n-tv, Koch will become editor-in-chief of the RTL’s central editorial department and set up a joint editorial unit which will form the content foundation for all journalistic products (TV/digital) of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland

Hans Demmel leaves n-tv at his own request & remains mandated for the media group RTL in VAUNET.

Journalist  Koch (41) will become the new Managing Director of n-tv, the news channel of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, on 1 March 2019. It follows Hans Demmel (63), who leaves the company after 26 years at his own request and by mutual agreement. In her new role, Tanit Koch will be responsible for n-tv as the future editor-in-chief of the central editorial department and will set up a joint editorial unit, which will form the substantive foundation for all journalistic products (TV / Digital) of Mediengruppe RTL. She works closely with n-tv editor-in-chief Sonja Schwetje (45), RTL editor-in-chief Michael Wulf (60) and Jan Rudolph (41), editor-in-chief RTL interactive. In her new role, the former editor-in-chief of BILD, as well as Michael Wulf and Jan Rudolph, will report to Jan Wachtel (39), managing director of digital media and journalistic content of Mediengruppe RTL.

Jan Wachtel: “With around 700 journalists, a strong infrastructure at home and abroad as well as its own school of journalism, Mediengruppe RTL has a power in the information sector that is unparalleled in private competition.

With our offers, we stand for politically and economically independent journalism, which is close to the living environment of the people. We want to systematically expand this strength by pooling our resources for the journalistic content of our broadcasters and platforms. I am delighted that with Tanit we have been able to recruit an experienced and well-networked journalist for this task. Furthermore, I am looking forward to working with Tanit, Michael, Jan and Sonja to work out and shape the future of journalistic content within Mediengruppe RTL. ”