Tesla Model Y Single-Motor Long-Life Version will be Delivered in January

Tesla customer service leak: The most fragrant Model Y single-motor long-life version will be delivered in January

Musk‘s promised Model Y single-motor long range RWD version (Long Range RWD) may be delivered in January next year, and this is what Tesla customer service staff told consumers.

It wasn’t until July this year that Musk first let go of saying that the Model Y LR RWD version would be relaunched in “a few months”, but nearly half a year has passed, and everyone has not waited for it to debut.

The cheapest and longest-running Model Y single-motor long battery life is ready for resurrection: it will be on the market within a few months, and the EPA mileage is 530 kilometers

Earlier, someone shared his conversation with Tesla’s customer service staff. The other party clearly pointed out that Tesla expected to officially launch the Model Y LR RWD version in January 2021.

Why the outside world pays so much attention to the LR RWD version of Model Y? Because Musk has announced in July that he will cancel the most entry-level Model Y SR version. The reason is that the cruising range is not far enough. Then LR RWD will be replaced as the cheapest Model Y car. With the assistance of single-motor power, this car will be Will become the longest and lowest price Model Y that can run, and this is the choice that many consumers look forward to.

Model Y cancels the SR standard battery life version! Musk: EPA mileage is less than 400 kilometers, no longer sold
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The EPA mileage data of the Model Y LR AWD version is 524 kilometers (326 miles), and it is inferred that the cruising range of the LR RWD version may increase to 547 kilometers (340 miles) or even higher.

Many rumors about Tesla are verified to be true in the end, but the timing of their realization is difficult to estimate, because Musk himself is the bouncer, and many promised plans have been continuously delayed. At this point in time, “in theory” Tesla should launch the seven-seater Model Y, announce the redesigned Cybertruck, and update the roadster development progress to everyone as promised, and none of this has happened yet.

So will Model Y LR RWD be launched in January next year? Does Tesla customer service really tell consumers this huge secret? After thinking about it, I still think it’s better not to expect too much.

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