Tesla tops European Sales in September a First for an Electric

The Tesla Model 3 topped the European bestseller in September, beating the Renault Clio and Dacia Sandero on the podium, a first for an all-electric, according to a report released Monday by Jato Dynamics. While the gasoline car market is sluggish, the entry-level 100% electric manufacturer has sold nearly 24,600 copies, or 2.6% of the market, against nearly 18,300 Clio. “This is the first time that an electric car has dominated the market and also a first for a vehicle manufactured outside Europe,” Jato underlines in his report.

These sales can be explained in part by a traditional increase in Tesla sales in September. But it is also a sparkling sign of the electrification of the European market.

Overall, the European car market collapsed in September, returning to its 1995 levels with 718,598 new cars sold. The market has not recovered from the Covid-19 crisis and manufacturers are severely affected by a shortage of electronic parts.

A quarter of the electric market for Tesla

But while sales of thermal cars are falling, registrations of hybrids and electrics are exploding. In the third quarter, more hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric cars were sold in Europe than gasoline-powered cars. “In addition to the subsidies, manufacturers have extended their offer (of hybrids and electrics) with more models and good deals. Many of them give priority to their stock of parts (…) to the production of electric cars rather than thermal ones, ”underlines Felipe Munoz, of the Jato cabinet.

Tesla’s new SUV, Model Y, is second in the all-electric car market. Tesla logically dominated the ranking of electrics in September, with a market share of 24%, just ahead of the Volkswagen group (22%), Stellantis (13%), and Hyundai-Kia (11%).

All engines combined, SUVs reached a record share in September with 46.5% of the market, also reports Jato. “If this trend continues, Europe‘s roads could soon resemble those in the United States, where more than half of new cars sold are SUVs,” says Felipe Munoz.