Tesla’s California Registrations Soared by More than 85% in the Second Quarter Model Y Sales are Strong

According to the latest report from market research firm Dominion Cross-Sell, Tesla‘s (650.6, -2.78, -0.43%) registrations in California, the largest electric vehicle market in the United States, soared by more than 85% from the same period last year to 23. 556 vehicles, mainly due to the success of Model Y models.

Data shows that in the second quarter, Tesla Model Y registrations in California increased by more than 7 times to 13,581 vehicles.

In the 23 states where Dominion Cross-Sell collected data, Tesla registered 46,926 vehicles in the second quarter, of which more than half were Model Y.

The current focus of the market’s attention is the company’s second-quarter earnings report to be released on July 26. Investors are waiting to determine whether the recent decline in Bitcoin will affect Tesla’s profits.