Due to the Failure of TSMC’s Taiwan’s Stock Price Opened Low

Only the Dow Jones closed a small red on Thursday for the four major U.S. stock indexes, and the other three major indexes closed in black, especially the fee-half index, which is highly linked to Taiwan stocks, which fell by more than 2%. TSMC ADR even The Taiwanese stock market fell more than 5% at the opening of TSMC and UMC’s wafer duo. In particular, the TSMC share price fell below 600 yuan at the opening quotation, and the stock price fell 24 yuan. After the TSMC opening plunge, the index fell 194.61 points at the opening quotation. , Opened at 17839.58 points, dragged down by the heavy setbacks of the wafer duo, the index opened lower and lowered. The index once fell below 17800 points and dropped to 17779.61 points.

Due to the failure of TSMC’s legal theory, Taiwan’s stock price opened low and closed down. Under the drag of the final drop of 25 yuan, Taiwan stocks fell 138.94 points to close at 17,895.25 points, with a trading volume of 572.7 billion yuan.

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