Tesla’s Updated Model S Appeared on The Streets

Tesla’s Model S has basically not changed in appearance since 2016, but it may be updated soon. According to a report by Electrek, the YouTube channel “The Kilowatts” found a Model S with a different shape on the street near the Tesla headquarters Palo Alto. In addition to the wider body, the overall lines also look more aggressive. Some, and updated wheels, headlights and rear splitter.

However, in addition to the appearance, it is not certain whether it has also changed internally. Tesla does not have the tradition of synchronizing the appearance with internal updates (for example, the self-driving hardware came only a few months after the 2016 update), so it is possible that under the car shell is actually the same thing. Tesla is expected to make the Model S Plaid debut at the end of 2021, with a stronger engine and longer battery life, but if the newly designed Model S is already walking on the road without any cover, it shouldn’t be more than the official release. Wait for almost a year.

Although Model S is not the main sales force of Tesla’s car models, it still has a “flagship” position, which is the key to ensuring Tesla’s image and competing with BMW and other high-end German automakers. If Tesla wants to exceed the record of 500,000 vehicles last year, then it is necessary to update the Model S.

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