The Brands that Should Win with The Ford Teaving

The American automaker has significant participation in entry-level compacts, with the Ka, and also in SUVs, with the Ecosport.

Although Ford promised to maintain vehicle sales in Brazil, after announcing the closure of all its local production, the automaker will stop selling the compact Ka and SUV Ecosport, which were assembled at the Camaçari plant in Bahia. With the exit of the company from important segments, the expectation is that the dispute for Ford’s share will be quite fierce, with leaders and aspirants to the elite of the Brazilian market fighting for a significant volume of sales.

About 85% of the vehicles sold by Ford, in 2020, were produced in Brazil, totaling approximately 120,000 units, according to a survey by Bright Consulting. Of this total, around 100,000 automobiles are in the so-called “B” segment, which comprises entry-level compacts and subcompacts and which represent the largest share of sales in Brazil.