The Dollar Closed at the Highest Level in Almost Two Weeks on Tuesday

New variant of coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom continues to impose greater caution in the markets.

The dollar amended its third consecutive high and closed at the highest level in almost two weeks on Tuesday (22), still reflecting greater market caution regarding a new variant of the coronavirus identified in the United Kingdom and its possible impact on the global economy, despite the approval of a new stimulus package in the United States.

The US currency ended the day up 0.76%, selling at R $ 5.1614. See more quotes.

With the advance of this Tuesday, the dollar started to accumulate in the partial of the month fall of 3.46% against the real. In the year, it registered an increase of 28.72%.

The US Congress approved a $ 892 billion fiscal stimulus on Monday. The approval will support the economy affected by the pandemic after months of inaction while keeping the US federal government financed, keeping hopes of an economic recovery alive.

The new tax incentives include payments of more than $ 600 for every American (including children) earning less than $ 75,000 a year and benefits of up to $ 300 a week for unemployed valid through March 2021.

At the same time, rigid lockdowns took effect in the UK on Monday to curb the spread of the new coronavirus strain, considered up to 70% more contagious than the original, triggering border blocks and travel restrictions in several countries.

The caution triggered by the new variant of Covid-19 raises fears that it will spread and force more savings to impose strict restrictions on activity.

News of the coronavirus mutation comes as the United States is dealing with a surge in new infections that is overwhelming hospitals in some states. Some US health officials have tried, however, to appease fears of a new variation of the virus, saying it should be monitored, but that its discovery is not a cause for despair.

Meanwhile, in the domestic scenario, the government’s fiscal agenda and vaccination plan followed on the market radar.

As the end of legislative activities approaches, markets continue to be frustrated by the lack of progress on the government’s reform agenda, amid persistent fears about the country’s fiscal health.

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