Ninepoint Partners Announces December 2020 Cash and Annual Notional Distributions

Ninepoint Partners LP  today announced December 2020 annual notional cash and capital gains distributions for its Series ETF securities. The reference date for distributions is December 31, 2020 and distributions are payable on January 8, 2021.

Annual Capital Gains Distributions are notional distributions which will be reinvested and the resulting Units will be immediately consolidated so that the number of Units held by each investor will not change.

Here are the details of the distributions per unit for December:

1. Units of the Ninepoint Silver Equity Class ETFs have a call option in both Canadian and US dollars. The distribution per unit is declared in Canadian dollars; however, the distribution for the US dollar call option (SLVE.U) will be on the US dollar equivalent. The conversion into US dollars will be made at the end of day exchange rate in effect on the ex-distribution date.

About Ninepoint Partners

Based in Toronto, Ninepoint Partners LP is one of the leading alternative investment management firms in Canada. She oversees approximately $ 7 billion in assets under management, including institutional contracts. Committed to helping investors explore innovative investment solutions that have the potential to increase returns and manage portfolio risk, Ninepoint offers a diverse set of alternative strategies, including alternative income and real assets, in addition to North American and global equities.

For more information on Ninepoint Partners LP, please visit or contact us by phone at 416 943-6707 or 866 299-9906, or by email at invest @ ninepoint. com.

Ninepoint Partners LP is the investment manager of the Ninepoint funds (collectively, the “Funds”). An investment in these Funds may give rise to commissions, trailing commissions, management fees, performance fees (if any) and other expenses. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. The information contained in this communication does not constitute an offer or a solicitation by any person residing in the United States or any other country where such an offer or solicitation is not authorized, or to any person that it is illegal. to solicit or to whom it is illegal to make such an offer. Prospective investors who are not resident in Canada should consult their financial advisor to determine whether the securities of the Fund may be legally sold in their country.

Please note that the distribution factors (allocation between income, capital gains and return of capital) can only be calculated after a fund has reached its fiscal year end. This distribution information for tax reporting purposes cannot be relied upon as it only represents one component of the total distribution for the fiscal year. For exact distribution amounts for filing a tax return, see the T3 or T5 slips for the tax year in question. Refer to the prospectus or offering memorandum of each Fund for details of the Fund’s distribution policy.

The payment and allocation of distributions, if any, are not guaranteed and may fluctuate. Payment of Distributions should not be confused with the performance or rate of return of a Fund. If the distributions paid by the Fund are greater than its return, then the value of the investor’s original investment will decrease. Distributions paid as a result of capital gains realized by a Fund, and income and dividends earned by a Fund are taxable in the year they are paid. An Investor’s Adjusted Cost Base will be reduced by the amount of any return of capital. If an investor’s adjusted cost base becomes less than zero, capital gains tax will have to be paid on the amount less than zero.

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