Hidden Risks Behind the Lose Weight by Eating Less

If you’re trying to eat less to lose weight or gain more muscle, your calorie deficit means you don’t have enough calories you need.

You will choose to reduce your calorie intake as much as possible, in order to burn more calories than you normally burn to lose fat, reduce the number on the weight machine, and waist size, this is also the way bodybuilders or weight trainers, in order to remove the body Actions taken when the layer of fat that blocks muscle revealing.

Will Smith used the same trick in his YouTube documentary about losing 20kg. This worked at first, but at a stage where he became weight stagnant and depleted of energy (energy), his trainer had to step in, who explained that calorie intake could be dangerous and even counterproductive.

Reducing calorie intake for weight loss does work, but only to a certain extent, and once it’s beyond what your body can safely handle, many risks and problems can arise and affect your health and the results you want.

What are the risks of a caloric deficit?
One thing you should know before deciding to lose weight by eating less is what is the minimum number of calories your body needs? Eating at this number allows your body to function properly (from breathing to helping you climb stairs).

If you cut your calorie intake too aggressively, your body may not function as well. According to reports, if you don’t get the nutrients your body deserves, the consequences may not be what you want to face.

Risk 1 Affects brain functioning
In addition to your body, food also fuels your brain so it can do everything it needs to do, remember, the brain is a muscle too! Insufficient calorie intake can affect your focus, concentration, productivity, and even your memory.

Risk 2 Losing muscles and affecting bones

Losing weight is about shedding fat, but it will never be successful if you don’t eat enough calories because your body runs out of resources and starts to use its own muscles for energy. And it’s not just your muscles, your skin, hair, and nails can also suffer from problems, including loss of luster, wrinkles, yellowing, hair loss, and brittle nails.

As for your bones, a caloric deficit can also weaken them, as it affects the balance of estrogen and testosterone hormones in the body, as well as increases stress hormones.

Why does this happen?

When your body senses that you’re not feeding it properly, it goes into survival mode, any food you eat is stored instead of being burned, and your metabolism isn’t as active because it doesn’t have as much Things to deal with, a slow metabolism can keep you from losing weight and losing fat successfully.

Risk 4 Getting sicker

Since you lack nutrients and naturally don’t have the energy to fight infection and disease (especially now with the coronavirus spreading like crazy), your immune system is compromised, which means your body is more vulnerable, plus if you don’t eat well , you won’t feel too good.

Risk 5 Lack of energy

Will Smith has already shown us this in his documentary. Being too low in calories and essential nutrients can lead to fatigue and anemia, especially when you eat too few carbohydrates (not just rice, bread, but fruits and vegetables).

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If you're trying to eat less to lose weight or gain more muscle, your calorie deficit means you don't have enough calories you need.

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