The Hyundai Santa FeTM Facelift will be Released in June

The interior of the mid-size SUV Santa Fe Facelift, which is a signboard of Hyundai Motor, has been newly captured.

In the current Santa Fe, the center fascia fell sharply down and the center tunnel height was low, while the new Santa Fe dropped the center fascia angle gently from the bottom of the air vent like a palisade. In addition, the height of the center tunnel has been significantly increased, and the layout of the button layout has been completely changed.

At the top of the center fascia, a 10.25 inch wide display equipped with the latest infotainment system is applied, and the air vent design and emergency light are the same as the current model.

Hyundai ‘Santa Fe Face Lift’ interior  In particular, the new Santa Fe is equipped with a new electronic button transmission, with multi-terrain control The four-wheel drive H-TRACK, which includes a low-speed driving device on a ramp, has the same configuration as a palisade.

At the top of the transmission, various analog-type physical buttons such as air conditioning control, heating & ventilation seats, and audio are listed, but it is somewhat crude and cluttered compared to the current Santa Fe. The storage space was provided at the bottom of the center tunnel like a palisade, and the cup holders were located on the right side with different heights.

In addition, it seems that a small storage space is provided on the left side of the cup holder, but it may be a simple storage space or a wireless charging tray for a smart phone that plugs in from above.

In addition, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, a touch-type fingerprint recognition door handle, and a six-seater seat layout including a two-row captain seat are applied.

Hyundai Motor ‘Santa Fe Face Lift’ test car  Above all, although the new Santa Fe is a partial change model, significant changes have been predicted to be comparable to the full change of exterior design, new platform, and powertrain.

The size of the existing cascading grill is greatly increased in the front part, and the interior pattern is applied with a more three-dimensional and robust design like a palisade. In particular, the most eye-catching place is the headlamp.

The current Santa Fe has the same styling as the Kona, but the new Santa Fe has a new ‘T’ shaped daytime running light (DRL) that is reminiscent of a palisade. It is expected to show.

In addition to Hyundai’s ‘Santa Fe Face Lift’ test car, Kia Motors applied a third-generation platform to the new Sorento launched in March, extending the wheelbase to 2,820mm, which increased by 40mm, to appeal the largest size in its class.

However, the new Santa Fe 3G platform is also applied, and Hyundai Motor is not limited to this, and the Santa Fe Facelift wheelbase will be expanded to 2,835mm, which is 70mm longer than the current model, and will secure a large interior space with a wheelbase 15mm longer than the new Sorento. Became known.

This is only 65mm different from the 2,900mm wheelbase of the large SUV, Palisade, and is expected to have a more generous three-row space.

The rear part is difficult to grasp the specific design due to the camouflage film, but it will be finished to the level that changes the graphic inside the tail lamp and a part of the rear bumper design. In particular, the taillamp graphics are similar enough to resemble the latest Audi model.

Hyundai Motor ‘Santa Fe Face Lift’ test car

The engine lineup retains existing gasoline and diesel and adds new hybrids  and plug-in hybrids . Diesel, which had been operated as two types, will be removed from 2.2L, only 2.0L diesel will be operated, and 2.0L and 2.5L gasoline turbo engines will be used for gasoline.

Among them, the hybrid and plug-in hybrid, which are receiving the most attention, combine an electric motor and a battery based on a 1.6L T-GDI gasoline engine, and the transmission is equipped with an 8-speed wet DCT like the new Sorento. However, the new Sorento had a problem with the certification of the eco-friendly car, and the sales schedule of the new Santa Fe Hybrid is still unclear as the sales are still suspended.

The Hyundai Santa FeTM Facelift will be released in June.