The iPad is no Longer Expensive

The tablets are a niche product, or at least, they are comparatively: everyone has a smartphone that they use to do everything and, perhaps a little because of how useful they are, the tablets have gone to the background.

Google has given up a bit with them and only Huawei and Samsung are still trying to present products that fulfill their role as a secondary device for the home or for certain professionals who can use them as substitutes for laptops.

In this sense, the iPad is still the best option on the table, both for features and applications adapted to the format (the great sin of Android) and its price. If they were something more prohibitive in the past, Apple has kept prices at an affordable rate for a couple of years. Yes, the iPad announced last September costs 379 euros, but it is an acceptable price for everything that this device offers.

Apple has a little mess with its tablets while there are several models that lead to confusion. The iPad Mini is smaller and the Pro is more powerful and has certain better, but there is an iPad Air with a price 200 euros higher and this model is something I do not quite understand.

But for the user who wants a tablet to distract their children, to be able to use it while watching TV or for certain operations for which they used to use a laptop, I have no doubt that the iPad to dry in 2019 is the product that best suits them.

On the one hand, because this is a product that should last for years, and Apple bothers to adapt its operating system for its products for years. I am almost totally sure that this iPad will continue to have the latest version of iOS for another five years, when the tablet itself starts and shows its limitations.

On the other, because you can equip a keyboard, official or not, and use it as a basic computer. More and more PC and Mac applications are seen coming to the tablet without losing almost anything along the way, such as Photoshop, and there are countless iOS apps that are used to write, make small video or photo montages, watch series and movies and, of course, to play.

This would be another point in his favor. Although space is somewhat short in the basic version (32GB) and use an outdated Apple chip (the A10X), it is still a very powerful device, with a battery that lasts a lot, with a fantastic screen (now 10.2 inches instead of 9.7) and able to perfectly play games like Fortnite. And since with iOS 13 the possibility of connecting Xbox or PS4 controls via Bluetooth has been opened, it could well be an alternative to the Switch (not at all, but in some cases).

And finally, it could also be a device for those whose hobby is drawing. For professionals, the iPad Pro is more powerful, has a better pencil (Apple Pencil 2 versus the normal Apple Pencil that can use this iPad) and has a better calibrated screen and designed to draw. But those who scribble as a hobby or for children who are studying and want to use it in their homework, this iPad is also a perfect tool.

It is true that neither the iPhone nor the iPad improve as much in the last two or three years as they did six or seven years ago, but this happens in all areas of technology once it has settled. Cars, washing machines, televisions, game consoles … none have changed much in recent years because they serve what they are for and can only be done better in minimal matters and in details.

The iPad is an iPad, as many technology experts say to define what you can expect from this product: if you know that you need a tablet and that you can use it and you don’t need the extras that the much more expensive versions provide, the model of 2019 is fabulous and very balanced.

If you have an iPad with less than two years and it works well, however, I doubt that you will need to make the leap to this model, but if you have one of the first iPad Air or the first iPad Pro and you need a replacement because it something is missing or you have fallen short, I do not think you will regret what this new version offers.

We are at a point where the basic iPad is so good that making the leap to Pro models is becoming something difficult to do. You can type with a good keyboard, draw with a good pencil, watch movies for hours and play modern video games that demand a lot of power. So why else.

Although Apple is criticized fairly fairly often for its high prices and for targeting more premium users and who can spend more money, it seems that with the iPad they use a different strategy and much easier to accept, both at the user level and when writing an analysis about him.

The only two problems with the 2019 iPad is that Apple Pencil and the official keyboard are expensive and that Apple is still very stingy with internal storage, something that can be solved by paying the monthly subscription to iCloud, yes, but that It is not a solution: that is trying to get more money to the user for something that is essential. Hopefully the next iPad will bring at least 64GB. Then it would be perfect.

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The tablets are a niche product, or at least, they are comparatively: everyone has a smartphone that they use to do everything and, perhaps a little because of how useful they are, the tablets have gone to the background.

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