The Last Major PS4 Update 8.00 Includes Improved Parental Controls

The last major PS4 system software update 8.00 was released today and specifically improves parental controls for parents. In addition, there are no more private communities and events.

New system software update 8.00 for Playstation 4
As already announced, the new Playstation 5 will appear at the end of this year. It can be assumed that Sony’s efforts to bring out major updates for the PS4 have therefore been limited for a long time. Most of the resources are now understandably devoted to the new console. Today is the last major update for the Playstation 4, before the new PS5 is available. The 8.00 update contains several minor improvements, for example in the areas of parental controls and communication.

It should be easier for parents to protect their children from inappropriate content. That’s why Sony has simplified the Parental Controls menu item. All relevant points regarding communication and interaction with other players have now been summarized under the item “Communication and user-generated content”. Since there are games where strict settings can become a problem, it is now possible for children to send their parents a request for a specific game in order to loosen the settings. Parents will then receive an email and can confirm the changes there. In addition, players can now no longer create events or access any other events. Private communities can no longer be created with the Community app, but existing communities remain.

Another practical change is the merging of parties and messages. These two topics are no longer dealt with separately, but together. Messages can be sent and communicated via voice chat in the same group. This change then also applies to the new PS5. Muting the microphone can now also be done via the quick menu.

Two-step authentication on PS4 is now easier and supports mobile devices as well as authentication via third-party apps. Additional avatars from God of War, The Last of Us, and a few other games will also be added. In addition, the PS4 Remote Play app will be renamed PS Remote Play, as it will now also target the PS5. No further major changes to the system software can be expected before the release of the PS5.