Microsoft Patchday: Updates Against 87 Security Holes in Window

By the end of September 2020, Microsoft had already closed more gaps than in the entire previous year. 11 leaks currently fixed are critical.
Microsoft provides its Windows operating system and other programs with updates. In addition to troubleshooting, they primarily serve to protect PC users, because they keep plugging dangerous security leaks. So far, the patches have usually also affected Windows 7, which, however, took part in the patch day for the last time in January 2020 due to the end of its life.

The improvement packages currently support the Windows 8.1 systems, its offshoots RT 8.1 and Windows 10 (including the server offshoots of Windows 8.1 and Windows 10). Among other things, the company deals with security gaps in the kernel, in the TCP / IP stack, in HyperV and in Windows error reporting.

Of the 87 leaks fixed in October 2020, 11 are classified as critical, 75 as important and one as moderate. This ends the series of seven consecutive months (March to September), in which the company closes more than 100 CVE vulnerabilities (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures). Microsoft is on the “good” path to filling more than twice as many gaps in 2020 as in 2017; Three years ago, 665 gaps were treated; by 2020 we will be at 1,078. Further details are provided in English by the Zero Day Initiative…

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