The Markets of Mainland China Ended Trading

Trading on the stock markets of mainland China ended on Tuesday with a decline in major indices, amid ongoing uncertainty about the course of trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington. The corresponding negative dynamics was recorded on the websites of exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The Shanghai Composite Index, reflecting the situation on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, declined by 0.26% at the end of the trading session to the level of 2526.46. The downturn was demonstrated by a key indicator of business activity on the trading platform in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.12% to 7391.65.

The CSI300 index for the two sites, reflecting the quotes of the largest companies, was also in the red and dropped by 0.22%.
After some growth of quotations on Monday, experts say, trading on the stock markets of mainland China on Tuesday reflected a cautious approach of investors, associated with the continuing uncertainty surrounding the trade negotiations between China and the United States, which are held January 7-8 in Beijing. Positive dynamics on the eve of local analysts attributed, in particular, to the measures taken by the People’s Bank of China last Friday to increase liquidity in the market.

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