The New Corona Vaccine Developed by Pfizer is More than 90% Effective

The new crona vaccine developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and the German biotech company BioNTech has preliminary test results showing that it is more than 90% effective. However, this vaccine requires ultra-low temperature storage and transportation.

It will take a few weeks at the earliest, and the new vaccine must be determined to be safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) usually depends on how subjects react after two months. Pfizer said that so far there have been no serious safety issues. The two-month observation period will be reached later this month. Pfizer will submit the information to the FDA for approval.

● When can people start getting this vaccine?
The Wall Street Journal said that if everything goes well, you can ask the market before the end of this year at the earliest, because production has already started. However, the initial supply will be more limited. Pfizer said that it can produce 50 million doses this year for 25 million people to administer, because each person needs two doses; next year, the output can increase to 1.3 billion doses.

● How is the vaccine delivered? Can people from all over the world get it?
Said that the biggest obstacle to distribution and delivery of this vaccine is that it requires ultra-low temperature delivery and storage: minus 70 degrees Celsius. Such cold chain storage and transportation requirements cannot be easily overcome by even the most advanced medical institutions in the United States. Therefore, in the future, the supply of remote areas and the backward areas of the world may cause problems that cannot be fairly distributed.

● Who can give priority to the vaccine?
High-risk groups such as medical and health care workers and residents of nursing homes for the elderly will be given priority.

● Will the blockade due to epidemic prevention be lifted soon?
Because the first wave of vaccine supply is limited, it will not be possible for the general public to administer all the vaccines soon. Public health experts said that it will not be until next summer at least for the wider public to get the vaccine. Therefore, anti-epidemic measures such as social distancing and wearing masks still need to be maintained.

● Is the safety of the vaccine ensured?
Bloomberg pointed out that if it is widely used without traditional long-term adequate trials, vaccinators are at greater risk of side effects that could have been found in clinical trials. In September, a vaccine jointly developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca showed an unexplained case in the UK, highlighting the safety risks of rushing to produce the vaccine. Later, the test in the UK resumed because AstraZeneca said that the independent review suggested that it was safe, and it was approved by British health officials, and the test was eventually resumed elsewhere. In October, Johnson & Johnson also suspended the trial after a subject developed an unexplained disease.

● How will the vaccine be shipped to the world?
Some people in rich countries are destined to get the opportunity to be vaccinated earlier than others. In order to prevent rich countries from monopolizing new crona vaccine resources, Oslo-based Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, the World Health Organization and Gavi, a global non-profit organization focused on vaccine distribution, jointly established COVAX. The goal is to raise 18 billion US dollars from middle and high-income countries to ensure All poor countries and donor countries can provide tested and effective vaccines for high-risk groups. Public health experts emphasize that the equal distribution of vaccines around the world is not only about ethics, but also vital to ending this crisis.