The New York Stock Market at the Beginning of the Week …

New York Stock Market Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily drops by more than $ 900…

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed on the 21st at $ 27,147,70, down $ 509.72 from last weekend.

On this day, the price fell sharply immediately after the start of the transaction, taking over the European market, which had fallen sharply, and the price drop temporarily exceeded $ 900.

In the market, the infection of the new coronavirus is spreading again in Europe, there are reports that major Western banks have been involved in money laundering for a long time, and the conflict between the United States and China over IT-related companies Selling orders have spread to a wide range of brands, saying that such factors are uncertain.

In addition, in response that it no longer has a woman judge of the Federal Supreme Court, Tour of the successor, and that the ruling and opposition parties are at odds with the United States Congress, in its effects, does not stand prospect to additional economic measures corresponding to the new type of virus This also heightened concerns about the future of the economy.

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