Intel “Licensed US Authorities to Continue Supplying Certain Products to Huawei”

Intel has been licensed by US authorities to continue supplying certain products to Huawei in China, a company spokesman said on the 22nd.

This week, the China Stock Exchange reported that Intel has received a license to supply Huawei.

US media reported that the vice president of AMD, a major US processor, said that the company has obtained a license to sell its products to certain companies in the US “Entity List.” Since AMD is one of the main suppliers of Huawei’s notebook CPU, the interpretation of the report seems to imply that AMD can sell chips to Huawei normally. quoted  technology media TechGenyz as reporting on the 19th that Forrest, senior vice president of AMD and general manager of the data center and embedded division of the US processor manufacturer, said. Forrest Norrod confirmed at the Deutsche Bank Virtual Technology Conference that the company has obtained a license to sell its products to “certain companies” in its US “Entity List”.

This is the first manufacturer that has publicly stated that it has obtained a license to supply companies listed in the US “Entity List” after the U.S. upgrade of the ban on Huawei took effect on September 15. media analysis believes that what Norod said indicates that the United States will still issue licenses to companies on the “Entity List” beyond the ban.

The Hong Kong Economic Daily pointed out that some analysts said that CPU is only one of the core components of computers. Even if AMD can supply it, Samsung, Micron, Sony and other display panel, memory chip and COMS image sensor manufacturers have already stopped supplying Huawei. The shipment of Huawei’s computers will still be greatly affected. The current supply of Huawei’s MateBook series notebooks is normal.

In addition, on the first day after the cut-off on September 15, Huawei launched and opened China’s first “5G+XR Innovation Center” in Shanghai, and began to recruit and buy horses to gather industry and bred 5G+XR benchmark demonstration enterprises. The innovation center is located in the Huishan Wharf area of ​​the North Bund, which is the 5G global innovation port built by Shanghai. Huawei is here to plant its flag and have a lot of effort to reverse its ambition to win.

In addition, Xinhua News Agency reported that when Vice Premier Liu He attended the meeting of the Inter-Ministry Coordination Group for Mianyang Science and Technology City Construction on the 19th, he asked relevant units to increase their efforts in key core technologies, strive to build industrial clusters with core competitiveness, and enhance themselves Technological innovation capability.

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