The Renault Arkana Against its Rivals

The Renault Arkana is an original proposal, a compact SUV with a coupe or fastback body. Renault is the only generalist manufacturer to propose a body of this type. And it is that the closest thing to Arkana is an Audi Q3 Sportback, blatantly premium in its approach and its price (from 40,330 euros). Even so, it does not mean that the Arkana arrives in conquered territory, there are several SUVs that also offer a certain originality and that represent an alternative to the new Renault model.

The Renault Arkana is a 4.57 m long SUV with a range of engines currently composed of a 1.3-liter micro-hybrid gasoline engine for 140 hp and a 1.6-liter hybrid gasoline engine for 145 hp. After the summer a new hybrid version will arrive with a power of 160 hp.

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In all cases, the gearbox is the EDC seven-speed double-clutch automatic. The Arkana price range starts from 25,750 euros for the 1.3 140 CV with Intense finish to 31,600 euros for the 1.6 145 CV with RS Line finish.

Overall, the Arkana is a good proposal with much more than its original silhouette in its price range, with a comfortable and very spacious interior, with a trunk that is around 500 liters (480 liters for the hybrid and 513 liters for the microhybrid) and a set-up that makes it a very poised car, with precise and efficient steering, although very disconnected from the ground.

The Arkana is also a functional SUV, which has not sacrificed any of the essential points that make these cars so popular, especially in terms of habitability. To the point that the Arkana is a much rounder alternative to the Renault Kadjar. But its asset, the differentiating element is undoubtedly the design. And in that regard, there is no shortage of alternatives.

The CUPRA Formentor is, at the moment, the only model of the brand (since it shares the Leon and the Ateca with SEAT) and as such has put the design as a flag. This crossover, which is not a pure SUV or a traditional compact, is also available with more common engines and not only with a 310 hp gasoline.

The access version of the CURPA Formentor, equipped with a 150 hp 1.5 TSI and manual gearbox costs from 29,670 euros, which we recently tested. And with the 7-speed DSG change, a configuration similar to that of the Arkana 1.6-liter micro-hybrid with 145 hp, it costs from 31,870 euros.

Of course, it only has a C label (green) as it does not have a minimum hybridization. This Formentor preserves the spirit and quality of the more powerful versions, although with more moderate performance, but at a very tempting price.

And all this being as functional as the Arkana, because it offers good habitability, although it is 12 cm shorter and has a 450-liter boot. The interior finishes, in terms of perceived quality, are also superior to those of the Arkana, although it has significantly improved compared to the rest of the Renault range.