The Residence where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were Married Reopens

TOURISM The public will be able to visit Frogmore House, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hosted their wedding reception in 2018.

Meghan and Harry fans, or history lovers, rejoice! Frogmore House will reopen after two years of closure, in 2022. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had hosted their wedding reception in 2018 at this venue filled with royal memorabilia since 1684, when it was built.

Frogmore House did not wait for Prince Charles’ younger son to host his wedding party there to make the headlines. Acquired by Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, in 1792, it was pampered by members of the royal family. It was here that the Queen Mother, affectionately known as Queen Mum by the British people, spent her honeymoon in 1923.

The royal family still organizes picnics there, as the site’s website specifies, and Queen Elizabeth II even took her famous corgies for a walk.

The residence that the Queen had offered to Harry and Meghan – and which had caused much ink to flow because of the arrangements wanted by the couple and which they had to repay before leaving to live in the United States – is a stone’s throw from the. Frogmore Cottage is still Prince Harry’s favorite spot when he visits the UK. It was there that he spent his compulsory confinement last month arriving from Los Angeles to unveil, along with his brother Prince William, the statue of their mother, Lady Diana.