The Swedish Government Pension Fund AP7 Safa are Investing in Bitcoin

Indirect holding of Bitcoin by holding shares of Swedish pension fund, Tesla, etc. = estimated by local media.

Almost 5 million Swedish pension savers have become indirectly held in Bitcoin through the pension system with little knowledge.

According to the local crypto site Trijo, two companies owned by the Swedish government pension fund AP7 Safa are investing in Bitcoin.

First, AP7 Safa holds 0.09% of Tesla’s total stake. Tesla owns about 48,000 BTC. Therefore, AP7 Safari indirectly owns 43 BTC and is worth about $ 2.7 million. If you divide this by 5 million people, you will have $ 0.59 per person in Bitcoin.

AP7 Safa also holds a little over 0.1% of all Square shares. In this case, each person has $ 0.12 of Bitcoin.

Trijo adds that both Tesla and Square estimates are approximate and the data may be out of date. Still, through pension funds, millions of Swedes indirectly own cryptocurrencies.

A report last September pointed out that the Norwegian government pension fund indirectly holds 600 BTC by holding shares in MicroStrategy.