The Taiwan Stock Market Weighted Index Reached the Highest Level

After the Taiwan stock market–the main force to chase the heat, 5G ethnic group, shocked and rose to the new high this year, close to 10900 points.

The Taiwan stock market weighted index reached the highest level of 10,897 points today (15), and then wrote a new high this year. The final score was 10875.6 points, up 70.3 points. The transaction value of 118.765 billion yuan was reduced to a one-week low. The legal person pointed out that a few days ago. The heat-dissipating group and the 5G theme stocks, which are sought after by legal persons and the main force, have continued to strengthen, showing that the market is in a healthy lifestyle.

Cooling module related operators gathered long popularity today, Taishuo, Power-KY, Chaozhong, Lizhi and Shuanghong both attacked and stopped the board, and Jianzhan and Qiqi also rose more than 9%. Health policy rose more than half of the stoppage, ethnic groups It can be said that it is a full launch.

The performance of 5G-related communication vendors is also quite strong. Heqin Control and Rongqun continued to attack and rise. The fiber optic operator Bo Ruwei rose more than 7%, and Shangyu rose more than 3.5%, and led to Unicom, Tai Tong and Halo. Tongxin and others have 1% to rise.

From the perspective of the weight stocks, Hon Hai continued to grow stronger, up 3%, and Heshuo also had more than 3% gains. Major electronic stocks such as South Asia Branch, Riyueguang Investment Control, TSMC, Guoju, Guangbao and MediaTek rose more than 1 %, providing strong confidence in the market.

However, the game group that has risen a lot more recently saw the selling pressure out. Daewoo continued to see the main force to sell goods, with a drop of more than 5%, Yuquan fell more than 4%, Net Dragon fell 2.5%, and Orange and Yujun both fell 1%.

The legal person pointed out that today’s cabinet buying index rose faster than the weighted index, indicating that the willingness to buy for small and medium-sized stocks is not low. The current market is still in a healthy rotation pattern, and no obvious turning signal has been seen yet.

However, it should be noted that there are 72 stocks suspended today, accounting for 13.2% of the total, which makes the market easy to rise and fall, but the US stocks have begun to enter the earnings week, the market generally expects the first quarter earnings may not perform well.

If the results of the important earnings of the US stocks are really pessimistic as expected, it is not ruled out that the broader market will fall into the correction stage with the international index. In particular, after today, there is no important suspension date, which may increase the correction power, and the attitude of foreign investment after the settlement of the Taiwan index on Wednesday Need to pay more attention.