The UFO Chairman Daniel Flohr Withdrawal from the Union Leadership

The UFO chairman Daniel Flohr announced on Tuesday “an orderly withdrawal from the union leadership” and wants to leave the organization by June 30, 2021 at the latest. Air traffic was hit particularly hard by the Corona crisis. Therefore one has to keep an eye on the interests of the members. “However, we are again on the verge of an internal power struggle, which, among other things, ignites me,” said Flohr. He therefore wanted to help ensure that the union can concentrate fully on its tasks again. “The Lufthansa Group also wants to cut thousands of jobs, so UFO has to take care of that – not internal trench warfare,” emphasized Flohr.

The longtime UFO representative Nicoley Baublies recently announced his withdrawal. For many years he was – also at the head of the union – the lobby face for cabin staff and wants to become self-employed as a conflict advisor and coach in the future. Five out of seven members of the UFO board, which was constituted at the beginning of March, have already left the body. With regard to the dispute with Lufthansa,

Lufthansa declined to comment on the power struggle in the union. A company spokeswoman emphasized, however, that regardless of this, they are still in contact with the UFO and are negotiating, for example, about volunteer programs related to staff cuts. The airline is cutting 29,000 jobs by the end of the year, the majority of them abroad. In the next few years, around 10,000 more jobs will be lost in Germany. Lufthansa has made crisis agreements with UFO, the pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit and Verdi, who is responsible for the ground crew, in order to save costs.

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