The Underground Tunnels Entered Directly From the Garage

Hawthorne city authorities have issued permission to The Boring Company to build a garage connected to a tunnel in which cars will move on electric sleds to the center of Los Angeles.

The Boring Company has been approved to implement the concept of an innovative garage, which will be.

The Boring Company continues to look for opportunities to register in Los Angeles: a new project to combat urban traffic involves the construction of a high-speed tunnel between the subway and the stadium Dodger Stadium.

The Dugout Loop line is offered as a single-lane tunnel in which one terminal is located next to one of the three stations of the “red” line of the Los Angeles metro, and.

The Boring Company, owned by Ilon Mask, will be the contractor for the construction of a high-speed branch connecting the center of Chicago with the O’Hare International Airport.

This week, Chicago Mayor Ram Emanuel gathered journalists in the building of the station built ten years ago, but never commissioned, to report that the company Ilona Mask, during one of the last meetings of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced a National Transport Strategy covering the period until 2030. The project was released under the name Drive Ukraine 2030.

As reported in the presentation of the new strategy, over the next twelve years in Ukraine should build two plants, which will.

The project Ilona Mask called The Boring Company is developing rapidly. In the next post on Instagram, the entrepreneur stated that the first high-speed tunnel was already “almost ready” and it would be possible to ride through it free of charge:

Virgin Hyperloop One has begun work on the Cargospeed project, which involves transporting goods at a speed close to the speed of sound.

Many still doubt the economic viability of carrying passengers at speeds of sound through Hyperloop vacuum tunnels, and Richard Branson came up with even more.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has begun building its own Hyperloop test track, which will be the third largest in the world. According to the company, full-scale sections of the main pipeline have already arrived at a research center in Toulouse (France) and will be involved in the near future.

Ilon Mask intends to demonstrate significant progress in the development of the Hyperloop transport system. The entrepreneur reported this on his Twitter page. According to the head of Tesla and SpaceX, the prototype of a vacuum train.

At the test site in the Mojave Desert (California), Virgin Hyperloop One showed the Saudi prince and government officials a new Vision 2030 passenger capsule to navigate the vacuum tunnels of the hypersonic transport system.

Vision 2030 capsule for presentation

Engineers from Dzyaton University in the south-west of the People’s Republic of China built a prototype of the road for the “supermagleva” – a superhigh-speed train operating on magnetic levitation technology (maglev). What gives developers the reason to call the train “supermaglevom”? – According to the report of the inventors, he will be able to reach speeds of up to 1000 km / h, that is, he will actually be a real competitor …

lon Musk announced the updated plans of The Boring Company, in which he is also a leader, as in Tesla and SpaceX. Now the startup will focus on creating high-speed tunnels, focused primarily on pedestrians and cyclists.

The initial concept of The Boring Company was to build underground.

High-speed drilling and tunneling machines can lead to a revolution in geothermal energy and accelerate the creation of Hyperloop transport systems.

Google conducts research in the field of hypersonic technology,

Virgin Hyperloop One is actively promoted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), having already presented its vision of the transport system, which is designed to connect cities throughout the Middle East. Now the startup has demonstrated a prototype of a passenger cabin, developed in collaboration with the Dubai Department of Transportation, and invited local residents to look at the potential.

The Virgin Hyperloop One startup (formerly Hyperloop One), funded by British billionaire Richard Branson, plans to build the first line of supersonic train in India. The highway will connect the city of Pune with the new airport near Mumbai, reducing the travel time from approximately 3 hours to 25.

Startup Virgin Hyperloop One plans to implement a project that will connect three London airports with a system of high-speed vacuum tunnels.

An innovative transport network will allow passengers to move between Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports in a record short time: the road between Heathrow and Gatwick will be.

The concept of Ilona Mask is called Hyperloop. The founder of SpaceX, a rocket and space company and electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, wants to connect the San Francisco and Silicon Valley “pipelines” with Central California and urbanized