“The Virus was Artificially Created in the Laboratory”

Where does the corona virus come from? Why is it so dangerous – and how will it spread? Scientists presented their latest research results in Seattle.

Scientist Trevor Bedford excludes one thing with absolute certainty: that the corona virus that first appeared in China was artificially created in the laboratory or was genetically manipulated.

The researcher from Seattle, Washington, USA is part of a group of scientists working worldwide who use genetic analysis to fight epidemics. At the international AAAS science congress in Seattle, he presented new research methods.

Why is there no vaccine yet?
Research is underway worldwide on a vaccine against the corona virus – but that takes time.

The scientists immediately replace any corona virus that has been analyzed somewhere in the world. Within a few days they know what mutations have occurred, how they can change the spread of the disease around the world. You can use it to trace the origin of viruses over decades.

“It turned out to be a very powerful technique. It’s revolutionary to understand breakouts,” Bedford says.

According to his information, the genetic analyzes have shown that the new corona virus, now called Covid-19, and the SARS virus are not only related. They also have the same origin and the same virus as a strain. Accordingly, about 20 to 70 years ago they developed apart.

There have been seven epidemics with coronaviruses in recent years, all of which have been contained at some point, according to the researcher. It is not yet clear whether this will happen quickly or if the catastrophe is only just beginning. Statistically, one has to assume that beyond the official number, more than 200,000 people are infected today.

Africa could become an epicenter, says Scott Dowell. The epidemiologist works for the “Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation”. Relations with China are close, and there is a weak health system that is barely able to quickly register cases of illness and ensure that the virus does not spread.

Because even if the number of sick and dead is far behind what a normal flu season demands for victims, the new corona virus suggests that it is particularly dangerous. “It’s one of the most threatening outbreaks I’ve seen in my career,” said Dowell.

Because it is easily transmitted and is still absolutely unclear how deadly it actually is.

The “Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation” has already made available several million dollars to help, especially in Africa, deal better with the virus and protect people.

Bill Gates himself came to the AAAS Science Congress in his hometown of Seattle. “A global pandemic can destroy entire health and economic systems and cost more than ten million lives,” he warns.

In any case, one thing was central to the exchange of researchers in Seattle: How scientific methods developed in recent years help to fight epidemics and maybe get vaccines faster than ever.

Genetic analysis and statistics are one thing, working together internationally on common platforms is another. According to the researchers, this has reduced the time for findings from weeks and months to a few days.

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Where does the corona virus come from? Why is it so dangerous - and how will it spread? Scientists presented their latest research results in Seattle.

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