What is Happening Between Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodrİguez, after 4 years of relationship and 2 of commitment, had broken up.

On Sunday the couple published a joint statement denying the news but, at the same time, they have been very honest about the state of their courtship: “We are working on some problems.”

Jennifer Lopez has her residence in Miami, Alex and Jennifer spend a lot of time apart; Jennifer is filming in the Dominican Republic right now- and everything is complicated by the quarantines that each one has to go through if they travel. On the other hand, the health situation forces them to postpone their longed-for wedding over and over again.

“They are going through a difficult time,” reads the statement. But even with the distance they want to save their relationship and their commitment and there is no break.

Jennifer Lopez and Lenny Kravitz are filming together… American television actress, have to do with this crisis, with whom Alex was tried to relate but whom, apparently, she did not even know.

Jen and Alex try to solve their problems with long phone calls, patience and ignoring the rumors that, in the end, also end up making a dent.

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